Friday, 11 November 2011

Krishna And Radha Paintings

In the world of paintings, the key mantra for catching the attention of someone is to blend the colors in distinctly unique ways so that the epitomes of art come out of imagination. Vijaya’s Krishna Paintings can be referred as one of them. Our Krishna Art Paintings hold the most imaginative color from the specially picked conglomerate of colors. In the collection of Krishna Canvas Paintings, you can find Lord Krishna with Radha in various positions of Raas. You can also find painting of charming Lord Krishna in lonely with his flute on the lips. These Krishna Paintings add a divine aura to the surrounding where they will be displayed.

Krishna Darshan Art Gallery

What we offer here is a collection of photographs and paintings or prints of Lord Krishna and His associates. These can help us meditate on the pastimes of Sri Krishna or invoke higher states of devotion and spiritual consciousness by viewing and becoming absorbed in these images. These are free the way they are and can be downloaded for personal use.

Additional Prints or photographs of Deities of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmidevi, Lord Narasimha, Lord Ramachandra and Sita and Hanuman, Shiva and Durga, Kali, Ganesh, Murugan, and others, can be viewed through the link at the bottom of the page.
There are four sections arranged on this page. Section One consists of the photographs, some of which are rare, of beautiful Deities from around the world. Section Two contains prints or paintings of the Deities in temples where photography is not allowed. Section Three contains paintings and prints of Sri Krishna in various playful pastimes. These are all set up so that you can go through all the photos one at a time like a slide show by clicking on the "next" button at the bottom of each page, or simply view the ones you want. Section Four are a few rare prints of Lord Chaitanya.

This is a small portion of the large collection of photos that I have of various beautiful Deities of Lord Krishna from around the world. Such Deities appear in most major temples, and some are quite significant. These photos are also especially nice for one's spiritual inspiration. The Deity is the Lord's special mercy to allow us to meditate on His spiritual form, even if we do not have the qualifications to see the spiritual atmosphere as yet. To observe the Deities in the temple, and allow ourselves to be seen by the Deity, is an exchange called darshan. Through this means, we also engage our mind and senses in focusing on the Supreme. Such darshan is totally unique to India for there is no other experience like it found in any Western religion.

The Deities are most often made from either marble or brass, but other materials are used as well. They are made and prepared according to the standards and descriptions found in the Vedic references, called the Shilpashastras. Then they are installed in a ceremony which calls for their Lordships to appear within the Deities. However, what really calls the Divine to come forth and appear as the Deity in the temple or reciprocate with us is simply our devotion and love. When one exhibits love for God, the Divine can appear anywhere.